Paperclip Ltd. was founded in 2015 by Yeardley Smith and Ben Cornwell for the purpose of developing new material across all mediums at their earlier stages.

Yeardley and Ben did this because they're passionate about stories in all forms, as well as the smart, curious, sui generis (look it up) creatives who create them. They're also impatient and underslept and knew it wouldn't work to wait around for other people to say "yes" to their projects first. So they to be the "yes" people.

Yeardley's motto has always been: If you proceed with passion and integrity success will follow. Ben's motto is basically the same: No assholes allowed. Together they are the hustle and charm of Paperclip Ltd., a scrappy, driven, set-the-bar-higher development-slash-production company.


8811 Alden Dr. Suite 12
Los Angeles, CA 90048